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Hong Kong and Macau Travel Guide (4 Day Itinerary)

Do you know what happens when four crazy people meet up just to travel? That’s exactly what #squadgoals is.

My high school friends and I are all addicted to traveling. We have this obsession that we should travel together. Every time we meet up for coffee, all we talk about are the countries we should travel together.

For example, we should do KOREA by age 25 and I am pushing that we do PARIS before we get married. Haha. Those high school dreams are so cool whenever I think of them.

So last February 2014, we finally had the guts to do it. My friend Brooke called me up that she found round trip tickets for Hong Kong at 5,000 pesos. Those are round trip tickets from ILOILO (our hometown) to Hong Kong. It is a direct flight and we didn’t have to pass by Manila so that saves us a round trip ticket from ILOILO to MANILA (and back)

Once we got the booking (which I paid for haha), I started to process my passport since I didn’t have one. I got my passport April 2014 and I was so excited with my first international trip.

I was employed in Manila during that time and it was a coincidence that I just resigned from my previous employer and flew back to Iloilo just in time for our trip. I was home 2 days before our trip.

A day before we leave for Hong Kong, we met up for our itinerary. I really dreamed of going to Disneyland since I never celebrated by 18th birthday and I wanted to go there instead. I told my friends that we should go to Disneyland.

Nakow! Natalo ako sa votation since we had to choose between Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland. I chose both and they all wanted to go to Ocean Park alone. Imagine my frustration. But I’ll go back to Hong Kong, that’s for sure and I’ll go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Haha.

So once the itinerary was set, we exchanged our pesos to Hong Kong dollars and then we find ourselves in Iloilo International Airport bound for the 11pm flight to Hong Kong.

Look at those smiles. #intheplane

We arrived Hong Kong at 1pm and we took photos immediately. Sa airport pa lang yan ha. Haha. #touristmode

Pollene’s aunt met us in the airport and since buses are not available during that early, we waited inside the airport until 5am. We had our breakfast in McDonald’s and I had a hard time ordering. Haha. Imagine I didn’t understand when the Chinese waitress said DINE IN or TO GO. My friends left me to order all the food. Poor me 😦

Team Mcdo in #teamairport

Buses open at 6am and we took the first trip down to Tsim Sha Tsui. Our guest house is located in that area and it is near grocery stores and the train station so it is perfect! Name of the place is STAR GUEST HOUSE and we paid around 700 per night. Clean room and a clean restroom and everything is walking distance.

Day 1 in Hong Kong is all about the city. We went exploring on our own and we tried out this restaurant that serves yummy but cheap Italian food.

Avenue of the Stars
Love the feel of the place

Day 1 ended with shopping in Hong Kong’s famous night markets and then we ended the day early for us to be energized for tomorrow’s agenda.

Day 2 is the day for the famous Ocean Park. We took the bus that goes directly inside the park and explored. We tried almost all the rides despite the heat of the sun!


Friends who travel together go broke together haha
Writing my wishes in this wishing well
This is what I wrote

So okay after the intense heat and LOTS and LOTS of walking, we had to go somewhere cold and ended up in Worldwide, the famous shopping mall where all Filipino products are sold and we saw fellow Filipinos inside.

I forgot to mention that some Filipinos mistakenly thought we were INDONESIANS. Hahaha.

Hello Day 3 came to a start with us going to MACAU. Yes, I wanted to go there as one of my favorite Korean dramas was shot there and it is BOYS OVER FLOWERS. Haha.

When we arrived in the pier, the first trip already left and the next one was at 11am so we ate breakfast in MCDO (yes, seems like MCDO was the best place to eat haha) and roamed around the mall adjacent to the pier.

Our Macau trip was DIY. No tour guides. We walked from the square to the St. Paul Ruins and did not eat lunch. This famous bakery in Macau has branches all over the place so we tried their food as we walked and when we reached the St. Paul Ruins, we were full. We took the bus back to the Venetian and did some hotel hopping and ended the day in the Sands.

Awkward poses in the St. Paul Ruins
With my unofficial ka loveteam ANDREA

We left Macau at 8pm and on our last night in Hong Kong, we went around shopping and found a major sale in COTTON ON. My friends are so happy they bought a lot actually. We ate authentic Hong Kong food on our last day and ended the day at 11pm.

Our last day in Hong Kong gave us realizations that time flies so fast. We packed our bags and my godmother visited us in the hotel and treated us to breakfast in DeliFrance.

Then we went chocolate shopping and went back to the Peak for some sight seeing and lunch with my friend’s aunt.

The Peak Galleria.

After that, we did our last minute shopping in Wan Chai and then had our last dinner in Tim Ho Wan. The food was delicious. Tim Ho Wan is now open in Manila (they have one inside SM Megamall and Glorietta).


We rode the fast train to the airport and then we were back in Iloilo. Tired and broke but very happy. Look at me – I am so maitim with all the walking under the intense heat.


It was such a wonderful trip and Hong Kong is really the place to visit for your first time out of the country.

And look oh! – we had a handsome photo bomber when we took a selfie shot along the streets of Hong Kong.

Cheers to my next travel blog!

P.S: Sorry for the low quality photos. I never thought the day would come where I would blog about it.

Travel dates: May 25 (11pm flight) and we arrived in Iloilo (May 30 – 4am). This is he best time to travel since it is the sale season.

Budget: 20,000 (including tickets, guest house, food, trip to Macau, shopping)



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