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When was the first time you actually felt this?

Was it during your first day in high school? Or was it that moment you saw some random stranger walking and he smelled so good and then you felt like you are in heaven?

I actually had my first crush when I met him in this restaurant we always frequent after our usual Sunday mass.

He was moreno, tall and really nice to the 11 year old me. I gave him my first immature letter saying my cousin likes him and is asking for his number. Yikes! That was the lamest thing to ever say to a guy. So elementary feels. Haha.

While I was looking for the letter inside our car, I accidentally left our car key inside and my Dad was so mad at me. Sorry dad, medyo lumandi ako ng slight. Hahaha.

He was older than me by years so never mind that guy. I can’t even remember his name.

The second guy I had a huge crush on is my senior in high school. I was engrossed with that feeling and even my high school classmates know about this and is openly teasing me like crazy. If ever they read this blog post, know that I was so KILIG during that time. Keep that up guys.

I thought he was my biggest heartache. I remember those moments me and my friends were talking about him over the phone and I was crying kasi I thought super like ko siya. He was about to graduate and I won’t see him anymore. #landi

I have this feeling every year I have a new crush.

My college crush became my friend. Yes, literally since I had to stalk him and get his cellphone number. I felt like I was in high school again.

Here’s what you should do to get your crush’s attention:

  1. You get his number.
  2. You check out his schedule
  3. Talk to his friends.
  4. You stalk his social media accounts
  5. You hang out in places he frequents.
  6. Randomly give compliments.

Believe me you will get his attention but in a really weird way. This worked out for me. We became friends in Twitter and Facebook. Hahaha. Now whenever I see his posts in Facebook, I just laugh at how I felt before. He was probably the most intelligent crush I ever had. And he still owes me milk tea! So now you know who you are.


Whenever I read all these cute memes of how we all dealt we our crushes, I smile and think about how I dealt with mine. They all happened to end up in heartbreaks and friendships. Yeah, so I thought I probably handled it well.

Now as I’ve become mature in handling these kind of feelings, I realized there is no easy way to deal if your CRUSH just got CRUSHed. You’ll just have to move on.

If you ask me right now if I have a crush at the moment, I’ll gladly say YES!

CODENAME: Quality (the not so secret crush)

Why did I like him? He’s nice. I’m a sucker for nice guys. Yeah, I know I’ll probably end up being heart broken but so what? Eh sa kinikilig ako eh! haha! 🙂

I got the chance to talk to him a few days ago and I’m just satisfied by the times we meet in the elevator and talk. He is taken by the way (with a ring to go with it) but it doesn’t matter. Harmless crush lang naman kaya! No touching. 


From CRUSH, I’ve been CRUSHed.

How about you? Care to share that CRUSH to CRUSHed experience?

P.S: I’m so tempted to post about my recent experience but that is worth ONE whole blog post. I’ll share it when I’m ready and when I’ve moved on (charot!!!)






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