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Work + Play: Is it Possible?

Hi all!

I’m back. My apologies that it took time for me to post again.

We had all these events lined up till the end of the year and I was put on board 3 weeks before the first run started. I had a lot of overtimes. Haha.

I was scared, excited and damned crazy up until the first run.

Along the way, due to the influx of work and those over times, I ended up in heated arguments and work complications but nevertheless it is all work and work ends the time I leave the office.

But this post is not for that. Haha. I just want to spread positive vibes even through my blog šŸ™‚

Work and Play. Some people just get both eh? Some people I know get a lot of perks in the work that they do.

The biggest perk I consider is definitely the job that entails a lot of traveling. I wanna be a flight stewardess before buy my height didn’t make the cut.

What I do now is Marketing. What comes with the perks of being in the Marketing field is doing events, shows and meeting endorsers. Haha.

I’ve been attending events and from time to time I get to talk to our endorsers and some performers during our events.

I’ve been dreaming of a job that gives you a lot of chances to travel and I love to worry about that. I’d love to worry what clothes to wear on my trip and try to launch an all nighter to wash my clothes.

I want to have that kind of problem since I’m so much of a jet setter that I really want to travel while working.

I know that there’s a difference between work and play but magazines and TV shows do it all the time right?

You won’t get the chance to see a lot since you are on a tight schedule but imagine yourself abroad and you got to see the Eiffel Tower and take a photo of it with your phone even if you just passed by.

Isn’t that feeling great?

I want that kind of feeling. I want that majestic feeling of seeing something you have not yet seen.

So far, all my travels are the product of my hard work and YES – overtimes.

I hope – I hope that next time I’ll get to do what I do and enjoy at the same time.

Some people really are blessed.

So is WORK + PLAY possible? Maybe yes, maybe no.

How about you? What’s that WORK + PLAY perk that you have?

Share away! You might stir up some inspiration guys ā¤



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