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Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Batam Travel Guide (7 Day Itinerary)

I don’t know what happened with my Tri City blog. WordPress is acting up AGAAAIN.

So I am re-writing my blog again.

I have this dream. Do multiple cities. Cross borders. Travel a lot.

2016 should be that year.

I was deciding on doing that for Holy Week. I was given a week long leave for Holy Week so I was thinking of where to go. I kept looking for the cheapest fares. Option was Jakarta with a RT ticket of 7k. That was too expensive but quite OK for the peak season of Holy Week.

Finally one day, I found a round trip ticket to Kuala Lumpur for 5,300. That was cheap for that period. And then I researched what countries Β can visit from there. Singapore was the option and then a friend referred that I go to the island city of Batam, Indonesia since it is a ferry ride from Singapore.

Monday afternoon I left the office and went to the airport. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur, TuesdayΒ at 1am. Took the bus to KL Sentral. I was in the city by 2am. I was damn sleepy and with a low battery – I was low on energy too. Good thing the McDo in KL Sentral has WIFI wuhoo.

Then I started my day in the Petronas Towers. I was there by 7am and it was dark. Really dark. I asked what time it is and he said – 7am. I was surprised to see a dark 7am since I’m used to seeing the Philippines bright and sunny at 7am.

I took the train from KL Sentral to KLCC. Took photos. Lots of it. Thanks to that wonderful person who helped me with the train routes and payment.

From there, I took the free bus to the next destination – BUKIT BINTANG. In KL, there are free buses. Yaaay to that!

I walked around the city to Petaling Street (Chinatown), Jalan Alor, and to Berjaya Times Square. In there, I found a place where I can buy tickets to Singapore. I also ended up in Kota Raya – known as a place for Filipinos. I was able to score clothes and asked where my hostel was and I learned it was near KL Sentral. So KL Sentral was like the center of ALL. As in CENTRAL. πŸ™‚

Roamed around malls and airconditioned places in KL. It was freaking HOT so malls are my saving glory.

Ended my day at 5pm in Starbucks and stayed there till 10 for free wifi and to wait for my bus to Singapore.

Arrived in Singapore the next day at 5am and waited outside the hostel near Bugis. The hostel opened at 8am so I had to wait for 3 hours. Good thing there was WiFi.

In Singapore, I did everything by walkings since my Day 1 itinerary was walkable. πŸ™‚

  • Raffles Hotel – Front Row Arcade
  • Esplanade area
  • Merlion
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Kampong Glam – go to Shop Wanderland in Haji Lane

I also visited the agency who I earlier contacted for Batam tour.

Day 2 in Singapore is Batam Day!

Rode the train to Harborfront and waited for the ferry. I felt like a tourist in that place since I was fetched by the tour guide with my name on it. Hahaha. Tourit feels indeed. We explored Batam the whole day.

I booked the tour via JA Travel Agency for 2,000 pesos (all in). It was a superb trip and I did not worry about a thing πŸ™‚

Few suggestions for that BATAM trip:

  • Our guide was Evi – she is chubby girl with a nice personality. You can request for her.
  • Take photos of the BATAM background (just the the famous HOLLYWOOKD sign)
  • Just exchange a few SGD to Indonesian Rupiah – Buy only keychains and the like.
  • They’ll bring you to a souvenir shop, you can buy there. I had 1,300,000 Rupiah with me. More than enough already for pasalubong.

For my Day 4, I got the unli pass since I’ll be touring the whole day. It costs 20 SGD and it will include the unlimited train rides. You can get passes for 3 days or 1 week depending on your itinerary. I got mine in Day 2 since the places I’ll visit is a bit far. So I’ll be able to save using the MTR pass.

And FYI – Singapore’s train station is one of the best. Airconditioned and clean. Everything looks amazing.

My itinerary includes the ff:

  • Orchard Road
  • Lau Pa Sat
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Haw Par Villa
  • Tiong Bahru Estate – tried their siopao (super yummy!!!)
  • Chinatown – gift shopping
  • Bugis – the night market was near my place so shopping was accessible.

Tip: Chinatown is better for Shopping than Bugis. They have more affordable finds there.

Day 5 is my last day in Singapore and is UNIVERSAL DAY!!!

Before I went to Sentosa, I bought bus tickets back to Kuala Lumpur from the Golden Mile Complex and then went around Kampong Glam then off to my last destination.

TIP: Do not book a round trip bus ticket. You’ll never know if you’ll extend your trip.

Back in KL, our bus dropped us off in another station. I had to look for the information booth and asked how to go to KL Sentral. The train opens at 7am and I took the first trip. I was in KL Sentral before 8am.

My hostel allowed me to check in early so I took a shower and slept till 10am.

By 10am – I was back to exploring KL. Took the free bus to the museum

Here is my itinerary for the day:

  • National Mosque – entrance fee is 5 ringgits
  • Islamic Arts Museum – entrance fee is 14 ringgits
  • Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – just took photos
  • Lake Gardens

From the National Museum, I walked to the mosque and then walked to the Islamic Arts Museum. From there, I was warned by the receptionists to take care of my bag since snatchers were everywhere. I was so scared! Can’t blame me. Been traveling alone and my stuff is all in my small bag.

I was so careful till I reached the Bird Park and while walking to the Lake Gardens, I met 2 backpackers and I joined them while walking.

But I ended up alone going back to the hostel around 7pm and I met a nice Pinay. Yes, that’s you UMI πŸ™‚ We ended up talking and went to the nearest 7/11 for a few drinks and chips and ate it inside the hostel lobby.

Last day of my trip is kinda bittersweet. But very touristy. Batu Caves and shopping is itinerary.

I took the MTR to Batu Caves (that is the very last station) and toured the place.

Then off to my last minute shopping. I’m leaving the city around 7pm to make it to my 11:o0pm flight back to Manila.

  • Masjid Jamek
  • Central Market
  • Chinatown – super cheap finds!!! Bought a lot of dresses in here and pasalubong
  • Little India

Then it is finally good bye. What can I say? That was 3 cities. For 20,000 pesos.

Here is my breakdown of expenses:

5,300 – Airfare

1,650 – Travel tax

1800 – Shophouse hostel in Singapore

900 – Pods Backpackers place in KL

1500 – estimated expense for the bus ticket (SG to KL was more expensive)

2,000 – trip to Batam

8000 – food, water, transpo, shopping

Total: 19,150

Tip: Buy a lot of chocolates in KL. They are so cheap!!!


Central Market madness
My favorite spot: The Petronas Towers
Raffles Hotel
Merlion babyyyy
Gardens by the Bay


Golden Prawn Batam
Yummy seafoods lunch in Batam
Team Philippines in BATAM πŸ™‚
Haw Par Villa
Candies should be this big πŸ™‚
Visited a mosque as well
Batu Caves
Mandatory tourist shot


Airport scenes in KLIA 2
#TeamPhilippines with Evie our super sweet, nice and awesome tour guide

That’s it folks!



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