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Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide (7 Day Itinerary)

I’m back and I’ll share with you my adventures in Ho Chi Minh.

You see, Ho Chi Minh definitely felt like home. My friend, Faith, who happens to be my neighbor and childhood friend, works there as a teacher and when the offer came to visit her place, I was immediately hooked. I’ve read blogs of how cheap and affordable Vietnam is so I was so excited when she invited us over.

I booked our tickets. My other friend, Twinkle, is residing in Iloilo and she informed me ahead of time that her mom, our Tita Kooky will be joining us. When I spotted cheap ticket to Ho Chi Minh last Feb 2015, I immediately booked it. One round trip ticket costs 3,700. I paid for the tickets (again! haha).

This was the trip that I will definitely say – was flawless – I did not worry about where to stay since I already informed Faith ahead of time that I’ll be staying in her place and she prepared the itinerary for us. Kaya kita love Faith eh!

What we did – both Twinkle and I – was to check out places we wanna visit and inform her for planning. I gave Faith the liberty to create an itinerary for us since she was our resident guide.

I was so happy since the dates that I booked happen to be free for her. πŸ™‚

I asked for my work leave and was approved. Well, not at first. I struggled to take a 6 day leave from work but the tickets were booked in advance.

Twinkle, her mom and grand mom met me in the airport since all details are with me – tickets and itinerary for the immigration check.

My boss won’t even let me leave since my flight leaves at 11pm. My nice officemate dropped me off the airport since I left the office at 6pm and arrived in the airport by 6:45pm just in time for check-in since the line is so long..

While waiting for our trip, look who was riding with us to Ho Chi Minh.


With Gloria Diaz, Martine Cajucom and Isabella Daza – they are on the same flight with us to Ho Chi Minh


We used the hashtag – #FKTReunited #FKTinVietnam

And we are indeed reunited!!!

Faith, Kia and Twinkle


Nakakamiss ang memories namin playing in each other’s houses and eating snacks when we were younger. This is the first time we saw each other after 2 years.

I slept in Faith’s house while Twinkle and her family stayed in Bali Hotel which is about 2 blocks away from Faith’s apartment.

The next day – I woke up and Faith prepared breakfast for me πŸ™‚


Unfortunately, Faith has to work till lunch time that day so she invited her friend, Ate Pearl to accompany us to a half day in Ho Chi Minh. I fetched everyone in the hotel and went to the famous SC Vivo City (I also found one in Singapore btw) and we had a quick breakfast there – ate in their own Starbucks.

Here’s what I had for breakfast.


We went mall hopping and found a water park in the top floor of the mall. Like what? Hahaha.



After meeting ate Pearl, she invited us to her place – a nice apartment near SC Vivo City. It was super pretty we had to take photos πŸ™‚


Then we had lunch Wrap and Roll – we do it the Vietnamese way of course!!



After lunch, we met up with Faith and went shopping. Day 1 pa lang shopping na kami. Yayamanin! Hahaha!!!

We went shopping in the famous Ben Thanh market where everything is cheap! Kaloka! If I am not a budget traveler, mauubos talaga pera ko sa Vietnam.


Super grabe ang shopping sa Vietnam! Wanna come back soon πŸ™‚

After that, we had a Japanese dinner inside one of their high end malls.

Japanese dinner


Finally ended our Day 1 – super amazing. We bought our Mekong Delta tickets in an agency in preparation for the next day.

Sunrise and we are off to our Day 2 in Vietnam. We got a whole day tour for Mekong Delta.




We a ferry to reach the island then a bangka to the honey farm where we had honey teas.



Then we did a little tour of of their place before we had lunch.


And then this..


Finally, after the pictorials, we had lunch!! Super yummy food + it actually felt like what we had was a buffet πŸ™‚



After lunch, we went to try their own version of a tuktuk but you’ll be riding a carriage with a horse pulling it.


Cute siya db?

Then we headed to the second to the last part of our trip which is a classical and traditional music show. They event served us with these fruits as desserts. Super galing pa nila!


The last part of the Mekong Delta trip is the pasalubong shopping. And then we are back in the city.


After a day in the Mekong Delta, me and the girls went out for dinner and coffee with just us 3. The common girl talk.

Twinkle wanted to try Banh Mi so we went inside this famous coffee shop (I forgot the name)




Then we headed home and called it a day.

The next day Β – we went out for shopping. I bought shoes for my brother and we roamed around the city for more shopping like bags and other pasalubong.

I bought souvenir shirts for the family. There is this one seller outside Saigon Square. She was recommended by my friend and she sold her shirts to us at 40 VND that’s around 80 pesos and the quality of the shirt is good so we bought a lot (I estimated it at around 50 pcs) and then went inside Saigon Square for more shopping.


Since the whole day was all shopping – at around 3pm, we had a quick snack in Domino’s and then headed back to the hotel. The girls and I plan a night market and dinner adventure.


Here are the highlights of our City Tour.


Then we did the Night Market of Ben Thanh. Unfortunately, my friend lost her wallet while we were out taking pictures. We had a quick dinner then headed home. She was so sad. We tried to look for it and go back to the market but there was just a lot of people and the chances of finding it was so small.

Next morning, we tried to coax her into joining our Day trip around the city – she did not join us for she was so sad.

Faith and I decided to push thru with the trip.

Here are my photo of the Saigon Cathedral, the Post Office and mall adjacent the area where I bought makeup (yes, makeup) and we dropped by the War Remnants Museum as well.



#OOTD Top: H&M bought the day before in Saigon Square Pants and Bag: Bought in the Night Market

Then after that, we fetched Twinkle and her family and went out for Pho!! Pho is Vietnam’s all time favorite and we visited this place where former US President Bill Clinton visited.


Yummy PHO and all, we went back to the mall to ice cream and sight seeing and coffee..

I loved this coffee shop called Phuc Long!!


My favorite milk. I consumed all of Faith’s stock. So I bought a few packs for myself πŸ™‚

Ended our day with dinner inside the hotel since it is our last night in Vietnam and bought chips and drinks so some kwentuhan.

Waaah, last day in Vietnam was so heartbreaking!!!

We had our Cu Chi Tunnel tour. The Cu Chi is famous for having very small tunnels to the point where they crawl to get from one plane to another.



I’m inside the tunnel πŸ™‚
We went to this shop where people make art for charity. Ganda ng works nila.

After the trip, we had our late lunch in Lotte Mart mall.


We called it a day and stayed in Faith’s apartment till it’s time to go to the airport.

Girl talk πŸ™‚ I miss these girls ❀

We even bought juices and our dinner food outside while walking and enjoying Ho Chi Minh.


At 7pm, we ate and left Faith’s apartment to the airport.

We said our goodbyes and I promised Faith I’ll be back soon. I love Ho Chi Minh so bad!!! Hahaha

Airport scene 😦

I miss these girls!! Grabe, we should push our year long planned Korea trip.


Then I realized this became my pre-birthday trip. 7 days after this trip was my birthday so I was so happy of giving myself the chance to travel.



Happy Travels everyone!! πŸ™‚



Writer. Dreamer. Traveler. Wanderlust. Foodie.

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