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Bangkok and Siem Reap Travel Guide (7 Day Itinerary)

Hi hi guys!

Glad to be back. Been a hectic month for me. I had tons of work to do and after working, I go home tired so I have no time to finish the blog.

But hey! It is never too late.

Now, I am sharing how I was able to manage 16,000 pesos with airfare and make the most out of Bangkok and Siem Reap.

Let’s start now shall we?

Me and my friend Pochu decided to do this trip since she had friends in Bangkok. I personally scheduled it on my birth month as I wanna do a post birthday celebration and it so happened that we had a long weekend in the Philippines.

We were supposed to leave Manila at 9:25 pm but we were stuck in traffic and literally almost missed our flight. We arrived in the airport at 9:45 so you should know that by this time the plane would have left already.

It was so traffic and it took us 3 hours to get to the airport from Buendia. I was so pissed ay everything and we were thinking about our options: either we don’t do the trip or rebook.

Our Uber driver asked us once we arrived at the airport if we should continue. We agreed to push through with the trip hoping that the strong rains will make the flight hours delayed.

When we arrived in the airport, the check-in counters were closed (kasi nga we were supposed to leave Manila at 9:25 eh 9:45 na kami nag check-in). I practically had to beg the Cebu Pacific staff if they can let us in. One staff I asked informed me that the counters are closed so I asked again a different staff if they can still check us in and she agreed as long as we have no check in baggage! See there are advantages to being a light traveler. Haha.

We hurriedly checked in thinking that the whole plane was waiting for us. I left Pochu in the counter while I pay the travel taxes running across NAIA 3. When I went back to the counter, we did not need to rush since the plane did not even arrive yet and yes, they have not yet even boarded the plane. I was so happy that I closed my eyes and gave a silent prayer of thanks to GOD.

We boarded the plane at 11pm and left Manila at around 1am of August 26. It was super late but I did not complain since if the flight was not delayed, we would not even be there. So kebs ang late na flight, tutulog ko na lang siya. 

So this trip is this year’s miracle. I am so blessed.

Sharing to you my week long happiness. We were there from August 26-September 1, 2016. My actual birthday was August 6.

Haggard pero happy coz we did not miss our flight


Bangkok bus rides!!!

Our first day in Bangkok was jam packed. We took the bus since it only charges around 6.50 baht no matter how far your destination is. Do not take a taxi. Take a bus or walk.


Blogger shot inside the Wat Pho
The Great Reclining Buddha
The Grand Palace.

We did not really enter the Grand Palace since it is so expensive. Costs 600 baht just to see it. In Bangkok, that would’ve come a long way. Our breakfast in Bangkok is only 25 baht. Imagine how many food and clothes we could’ve bought with that amount. Haha.

Lunch the Thai way


We visited more temples and at around 4pm, we went back to the hotel. Believe me- it took us almost an hour to get a bus and then we got kinda lost. We went down the right bus stop but we were lost. We ended up in the right area – Sathorn area and asked around but no one can tell us where to go exactly. We took the motorcycle ride for 60 baht to bring us there since we were so tired from all the walking.

We rested till 8 and we were picked up in the hostel by Pochu’s friend and brought us to this night market. When I asked what the place is called – it happened to be my fave – Chatuchak Night Market wuhooo!




We roamed around and bought Thai milk teas and dresses. I was able to buy a jumper for 150 baht. Nice!

The next day we waited for Pochu’s friend and met up in Siam area. img_0600img_0604img_0605img_0609

Yummy lunch at White Flower Factory. These girls paid for our delicious lunch 🙂



We tried the ferry and visit Wat Ratchanaddaram (hope I got that right).



Went back to Siam for mall hopping and Pochu bought a lot of stuff in Skin Food. We didn’t mind coz the sofa was so damn cozy 🙂


The next day – we were en route via train to Aran which is the border of Bangkok. Took the tuktuk and then to Poipet which is the border of Cambodia.

Be careful when you are at the Poipet border. Scams are everywhere. My friend was scammed for 100 baht since she threw out her arrival card when she cleaned up her bag and was asked for it in the border. When she said she did not have it, she was asked to pay 100 baht. We had no choice but to pay or else we might never get the chance to cross the border or worst, be planted with drugs on our bags so be careful.

Finally we were in Siem Reap.

Good thing everyone in Siem Reap was so nice. We were almost ripped off of 20 USD since the guide wants us to get his trip at such an expensive price when I was able to find one for 15 USD.


We went shopping on Day 1 in the Night Market and the Pub Street.


We did Angkor Wat for one whole day and that’s 4 temples included with water. Not bad for 20 USD.

Our hostel offered it at 15 USD and I saw similar offers at 15 USD. I was so mad at the guide who offered us the tour the day before that I had to bargain our trip for 20 USD with sunrise so that we can bring us to the hostel.

Anyways, we will still be charged 1 USD per head of we took the tuktuk from the airport to the hostel (thru our hostel tuktuk offer).

The good thing about that is that our driver (the new one) arrived at 5:30 am. Our hostel woke us up at 6:30 but Pochu was still asleep so we asked the driver to pick us up again at 9am. That was worth a tip already since he was so nice 🙂


Where they shot the Tomb Raider – Ta Phrom



The bonus trip 🙂

Pochu actually wanted to see the elephants and that is not part of our itinerary. But still, our guide was so nice and brought us there. We were able to climb up a temple but our clothes did not permit us to go inside so we roamed around the area and waited for about 15 minutes for the elephants. They arrived at 3:45 pm. This area was far off the route and is near the mountains so our guide was nice enough to give us the add on trip. He deserves the tip so much haha!

Ken’s yummy breakfast

We finished the tour at 4:30 pm and stayed in the hostel since we were so tired.

Next day we were back to Bangkok. Left Siem Reap at 9am and arrived at the border at 11am. The immigration line is so long. Tip: Be in the immigration before 11am or suffer 2 hours of waiting in line.

We arrived in the station at around 1:20am and bought food. We took the 1:40 train back to Bangkok. We arrived at the hostel and roamed around Chinatown and Khaosan Road.


Last day we went to Pratunam for shopping. They got items at wholesales prices and it is very cheap.

Returned to the hostel at 1pm and we requested for a late checkout at 4pm. We bought tickets to the airport and waited till 7pm for the airport pickup.

Aaaaanndddd of course since we were so early in the airport, we got the chance to roam around!!



That ends my #KiAdventures and #Thaiventures

Below is my detailed itinerary and costing for your reference.

Day 1: Visit the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho and Reclining Buddha, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Lumpini Park
Day 2: Malls, Floating ferry and Wat Ratchanaddaram
Day 3: Train to Siem Reap, arrived the border at 11:40 and took the tuktuk to the immigration (60 baht for 1 tuktuk), took the 1:00 pm shared taxi to Siem Reap. Rest then night market at around 8:00
Day4: Siem Reap tour whole day (20 USD for 2 pax)
Day 5: Back to Bangkok in the afternoon and then Khao San night market
Day 6: Khaosan Road, Chinatown, Pratunam market
Hostels in Bangkok:
Charlie Guesthouse – Sathorn – clean but slow wifi
Q6 at 6 – Khaosan – not recommended but very near Khaosan
Hostel in Siem Reap:
Community Home Stay – 15 USD per night (7.5 USD per night for me and my friend) – highly recommended. Check their reviews at

Till the next travel! Maybe next year it’ll be Korea or Japan 🙂

Crossing my fingers for that xx



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