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High School Friends: From Reel to Real

Warning: This is an emotional post.


As defined is “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.”

That is probably why we have the words – Best friend and Boyfriend. Oooh.

For me – I’ll define as friend as:

  1. Someone who stays true to you and will stand up for you no matter what
  2. Who is always there for you – even in spirit

I’ve had my fair share of friends. I’ve always believed that people come and go in our lives. My mom once taught me that friendship is never about the quantity but the quality of people in your life.

And I believe that.

When I was in elementary, I was the nerd. The geek. The average girl. My circle of friends involved the same people. And my Sports day activity includes CHESS! Hahaha! Talk about too much geekiness.

Fast forward to High School. This was the time when I struggled with how I make friends. I got my usual squad. My work activity group mates. My lunch mates.

During one of our group activities in 2nd year, me and friends called ourselves the LASSCHARMS. I don’t wanna post photos because really – we look so young and geeky. (Uy guys ang pabebe ng project na ito! Super!)

Issues came in. Back stabbing. High School drama. Cliques. Grades. Crushes. School plays. School projects. Late nights. Confrontations.

We had a fair share of that. We were young and reckless and basically we enjoyed those days when classes were suspended because of school events.

I even remember asking our classmate’s mom to process our PRISAA game excuses.

And most of all – we joined High school department’s cheering competition just so we can miss class. Hahahaha!

But still after 12 years, here we are. Soooo strong together…. Haha.

We still meet up. Even when we were in college. Different schools, different places but during life’s most important moments and reunions – we still make it possible for us to catch up and talk.

Even during meet ups, we talk about work, life, love life (if we have one) and then we still end up going back to the same high school experiences. The same high school memories.

We never changed. We are all working right now in different professions, different fields of expertise, different places but we still end up the same whenever we meet each other. We have this certain high school magic that never ceases.

During Brooke’s 18th birthday in the beach
CPU HS U-Day feels ❤


Hotel sleepovers are my favorite
All glammed up #prettified
We even help each other for pre-debut shoots
Birthday asalto and mandatory group photo
We even travel together 🙂 Taken in Boracay last summer 2010
Even graduating together in UP
Going international as well with our trip to Hong Kong last 2014
Reunion last December 2016
Reunion last December 2015
Reunion last December 2014
Coz we missed each other so much
Mowdeling haha
My first year high school gang
Watching an all-star basketball game together with celebrities
Beach bums in Zambales
Happy Birthday John!
Super suki in fiestas of the highschool gang

We have been there for each other. In every activity, birthday, fiesta, reunion, weekend getaway, adventures, coffee dates, food trips.. everything as seen in the photos.

I was lucky to have these people with me

Whenever once of us is in town, we try to meet. It doesn’t matter if it is only for a few hours, we just make it happen.

People say that the people you meet in high school will give you the best friendships and it is true. Look at us.

We even lasted that 7 year itch in relationships. Mas matagal pa ng friendship namin kesa sa relasyon nyo ng jowa mo! Haha!

The gang no matter how distant we are – we will always be there for each other – guiding each other, wishing each other good luck, helping each other.

And I guess that is the true essence of a strong friendship. You fight, you get mad and that’s beautiful because we are normal people after all. A mixture of different personalities – “halo-halo” – but kind of just jived.

When you have friends who are for keeps, never let them go. Fight with them. Bully them but not below the belt. But always make up. And travel together. And make more memories together. And keepsakes. And photos. And experiences.

Just be stick together. Period.

So how about us #Newtonians09? When are we going international again? 

I miss you guys!



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