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To My Ideal Guy

This post is written for that person who I know is worth the wait.

I’m 24 right now. I am single. I have been single since birth actually. Not that I am complaining. I have never been kissed, touched or hugged (with malice btw!).

Surrounded by friends who also happen to be single, I never felt like I need to have one. Whenever I talk to people, they just seem surprised why I never had one. There’s a reason for that.

First off, when I was in school, I was a geek. Literally. Consistent honor student, wearing glasses, reads a lot of books and writes for the school paper. My circle of friends were also geeks. I had crushes but they just ended up as my friends.

Second, my goals did not include getting one. I was so absorbed with my goals – graduating college, getting a job in a company I am proud of and traveling the world. I was having the time of my life and being single without any boyfriend to worry is just the way to be.

Third, I feel like the guys I like don’t like me while the guys I DO NOT like, like me. Weird huh?

Whenever I see couples walking around me, I feel uneasy. I’m used to third wheeling all the time but it is a different story when you are surrounded by friends.

And when I have friends who end up being in a relationship, it feels like a Hollywood dream come true. But I wonder what if it happens to me?

They say that for that to happen to me, I need to make an effort. So I did. I downloaded Tinder and OK Cupid. I tried to invest in clothes (believe me, I really did! Haha!) and now I use minimal make up though I still have to work on my kilay. So that’s already A++++++ for effort my friends! Hahaha 🙂

But I still don’t go out on dates. Or meet blind dates. Or recommendations from friends. I’m thinking what might the reason be and then I realized it is probably because of the fact I’m scared that I end up not satisfied or they end up not liking me. It is kinda off feeling like this when I haven’t met the person yet. In other words, I have yet to try a date. A formal one.

I’m hoping Mr. Ideal Guy will give me that date of a lifetime.

So who is that IDEAL guy? Well Logan Lerman isn’t so bad. He happens to be my Hollywood crush and I am so in love with his blue eyes.

Logan Lerman

Or maybe Ji Chang Wook from Korean drama The K2 someone who can rescue me from being the damsel that I am.

Ji Chang Wook

Or maybe it can be YOU.

You who will hold my hand when I’m tired from a whole day’s work. You who will make me laugh with all your pabebe and corny jokes. You who will offer to carry me bag and I won’t let you because you got yourself an independent woman. You who will bring me to all those foodie places I share to you via Messenger. You who will randomly text me – ANG GANDA MO TODAY – and I will believe it because you said it. You will keep me awake all night and it’s okay even though I’ll have eyebags the next day. You who will travel with me to explore the world. You who will bring out the best and worst in me. You who will love me so tenderly and be loyal to me even though I am not the prettiest girl in the world.

YOU. That person who is worth the wait. Where can YOU be?

I hope that when you come, you’ll be the person I hope you are. Someone who can handle the independent woman in me. Someone who can keep up with my weird mindset. Someone who can be with me when I’m hungry and randomly surprise me with pizza and chicken because I am craving for it.

I hope to meet you. Not now. Maybe when I’m ready. Because I know you’ll be worth MY WAIT.


Kia 🙂



Writer. Dreamer. Traveler. Wanderlust. Foodie.

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