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Calaguas Island and Baler Weekend Getaway

Holy Week. It is a religious happening in the world.

What makes the Holy Week so special aside from the fact that it is a time for reflection is that it is also a time for a vacation. That is a heavenly 4 day treat and most people really make the most of it.

Last year, I spent my Holy Week in the streets of Malaysia and Singapore. I blogged about it HERE.

Now, I spent some time in the Philippines. I’ve always loved beaches and how blessed we are to have a lot of it. This trip is all about the gorgeous Philippines and how to experience it.

My friends and I decided to go out of town for Holy Week and we want to do Calaguas.

It is so damn beautiful, you can see your feet and everything else underneath it.

The clear waters. So damn gorgeous.

We got a travel agency to book everything for us since we are anticipating heavy traffic and full buses because of the pick season. We paid 3,499 for a 3 day, 2 night trip all in.

I was with my high school friends who happen to work in Manila as well.

The van ride took us 10 hours because of holiday traffic. Plus, when we arrived there we took a 2 hour boat ride to the island. Fare is at 500 pesos per head, one way. Better to be in a big group to save on expenses.

The moment we stepped out, we were amazed at its beauty. It’s so damn amazing.


It was late afternoon and we have’t eaten lunch yet but seafoods is abundant in the area.

TIP: You can ask the sellers in the area where you can buy cheap sea food. You can have it cooked in the place where you are staying for a minimal fee.

After lunch, we went trekking. Entrance is at 20 pesos per head. Up above, you’ll see the beauty of the island.




After admiring what’s on top of the mountain, took a quick dip in the cold water and yes, had a few drinks under the stars. Lying in the sand is everything πŸ™‚

The next day, we woke up to the sound of the waves since we camped out in front of the beach. We aimed for the beach right at that moment.

Yeah, I took a photo of them so I got no photo of me swimming haha

After swimming, we had breakfast and received so much bad news. We had to leave the island. Why? There was an incoming storm. We were given the option if we want to stay, we’ll be given full meals (as in everything) but face the possibility of being stranded. We can’t afford to be stranded till Monday since most of us are regular employees with the need to go to work on a Monday.

We had to choice but to leave. Took the 2 hour boat ride again and then from there we decided to go to Baler instead.

Imagine a trip from the South (Bicol) to the North (Aurora). We are THAT AMAZING.

Played cards while waiting for the boat
One last photo


From Vinzons, the van brought us back to Manila. We slept inside the van. We stopped by Cubao quickly to fetch our other tour mates and went straight for Baler.

BALER. It was my first time in BALER and I never thought it had so many wonders.

Baler is the country’s top surfing destination. 6 hours away from Manila, most people have a weekend getaway just to surf or go visit the beach.

TRIVIA: Baler is in Aurora. Aurora is the first name of the wife of former President Manuel L. Quezon.

Our first stop was a photo op in the iconic BALER signage. Seriously, the line is so long and I wondered why people are lining up so long for it. But so did we. Haha.



We then visited Baler’s iconic places. Starting off with the Museo de Baler.


Intricate details
Old school

After visiting the museum, off we go to the Ermita Hill and Rock Formations. The Ermita Hill is the tallest point in Baler. In the instance that the place gets hit by a tsunami, you can go to Ermita Hill and you’ll be safe.

Unlimited Rock Formations


Ermita Hill
Goodness! Amazing view

After that, we went to the Ditumabo Mother Falls. We were to excited since it looked beautiful in photos. We hiked for about 20 minutes going to the Mother Falls. It was tiring since I’m not into hiking but you’ll pass through overflows from the Mother Falls and the water is so cold.

When we arrived there, the photos did not do it any justice. It was so beautiful beyond words.






Wrapped in my swim suit

Ended our day in Sabang Beach for a quick surfing lesson.


It was a South to North trip non stop! Slept in the van and probably spent most of our day in the van but it was so fun! We are #teamnosleep and #teamVAN

The Philippines is so gorgeous. Happy to be in this country πŸ™‚

Enjoy the Philippines!

How about you? What’s your amazing Philippines story?




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