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DIY Jomalig Island Weekend Getaway

We all love the holidays. In any day, I take my most fruitful rest during a holiday.

Finally, another one came in.

This time we went to Jomalig Island.

Jomalig, or what the locals call HUMALIG is an island in the south of Quezon near the Polilio Islands. You can actually pass by the famous Balesin Island when you ride the ferry to Jomalig.

The place became famous for it’s gold-colored sand and blue waters. The popularity further rose because of the sandbar which disappears when it is high tide.

My friends and I took the journey to Jomalig on a weekend. We met up on a Saturday, April 29 in a mall in Ortigas and had dinner before we rode the van going to Jomalig.

How do you get there in Jomalig?

  • You can either ride a bus (Raymond bus) or a van to Real. We paid 250 pesos for the van ride. We opted to ride a van since it was a long weekend the bus lines are in demand. The terminal for the VAN is just beside the Raymond Bus terminal
  • The van will drop you off at REAL Port. From there, ride their ferry to Jomalig. Travel time is at 6 hours and fare is at 400 pesos. Bring food since the trip is long though some ferries provide food as well. #rasyonniMAYOR haha




When you arrive in Jomalig, you’ll see the golden sand. It is so beautiful 🙂


Our contact, Ate Lyra, was waiting for us in the port but since it was their peak season due to the long weekend, the lines for the habal-habal going to the home stay in long so we decided to walk with the permission of our contact. She gave us directions while sha stayed in the port to fetch her other guests.

Habal-habal ride is at 150 pesos per head

Sad to say, we got lost and ended up in the police station who noticed that we seem lost. They offered to help us and called for a habal-habal ride. We paid 70 pesos for the habal-habal ride.

We stayed in this place – they offer really good service! We paid 500 pesos for the room that fits 4 people.


Room selfie 🙂

We took a quick rest and then had lunch! Since seafoods is abundant, we decided to do the PALUTO and got these awesome lunch for 90 pesos! Sarap! That’s adobong pusit and rice. We weren’t able to consume them so we had them stored for dinner.


After having this delicious lunch, off we go for swimming! The water are so blue and the sand – it was so gold. We fell in love with the place 🙂

PS: They have electricity from 1pm to 5am so charge those powerbanks!




What a day! We ended it with dinner over a few drinks 🙂


The next day, we were supposed to swim and hit the beach before we leave but internal problems in ferry schedules and hearing news that a lot of people were stranded, we decided to take a bath and pack our bags instead.

Waiting for the ferry under the heat of the sun!

We waited for our ferry and was back in Real by 3pm.


Took the bus in Infanta back to Manila.

It was such a short trip! But I was still happy to be able to see the beauty of Jomalig.





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