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So, Why Are You Single?

Yes, please. Answer me why.

Why are you single?

I’m sure there’s a reason why.

Were you broken hearted before and cannot move on?

Are you not the “ligawin” type and was never courted by anyone?

Or maybe you’ve used the all-time classic REASON

It’s my CHOICE

The third one is my answer. Common yes, but that’s the truth.

Even before, I wasn’t the “ligawin” type. I’m not the prettiest girl in the world with beautiful eyes or fair skin.

Physically, I’m morena. I’m not sexy either. I’ve been in a battle to lose weight because I love to eat and you know that food is LIFE. Haha.

But I’ve had my share of quite a few “dates” though none of them materialized into the next level.

Plus, I was always forward looking with my studies. I try to be in the honor list every year and get really good grades from time to time.

So in my head, it was always STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, spend time with the family and with friends as well.

So it never occurred to me that I needed someone.

That continued even when I was working.

So it’s really my choice. I was so focused on my goals that I did not want any distractions. I’ve had people around me who are happily married and some with kids.

But I never felt a tinge of jealousy because I came to a point that some things are not meant to be.

Maybe now wasn’t the right time.

People even make fun of my non existent love life and my friends kept telling me I should “fix” myself. Let me translate that to “put makeup”.

But I still don’t want to invest in makeup. I’ve got the basics covered – foundation, 1 good lippie and concealer and then I’m good to go. I can’t even do KILAY when everyone thinks KILAY is LIFE. But now, I’m starting to learn. Late bloomer ako! Hahaha!

But I’m happy. I’m happy being me. Being single. Being independent.

People will probably say, “Wala naman kasing nanliligaw sayo”.

Uunahan ko na kayo.

“Meron. Wala lang kayong alam”.

I maybe the type to share tidbits of my day in social media but I don’t share the personal stuff like the people I meet. I try to keep that to myself.

So what if you’re single? Whatever the reason is, may it be from a broken heart, I am sure you can move on. I can’t say more about this because I haven’t been there but hopefully, I won’t come to that but here are my best tips for you: watch Netflix all day, go out and eat cake, mingle with friends and watch Korean dramas. Trust me, you will move on eventually. Just follow Popoy and Basha’s eternal 3 month rule before you finally go out and date again.

Or so what if you’re not the “ligawin” type? You have friends and family to make up for that right? Don’t mope around and travel instead. You’ll never know what experiences traveling can offer to you.

And if it’s your choice, being single gives you the chance to explore what you wanna do in life. May it be cooking, traveling or weightlifting, now is the chance to do that. Being single means it’s your time to gain confidence and find you who you really are.

It’s a journey to self-discovery, self-worth and into loving yourself. You make your life rules as you go and no one can dictate how you do things. You are that strong independent woman.

Let’s end this my contradicting the title of my entry.

What’s not to love about single?






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