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No Fun in Bullying

Hi guys!

Lately, I’ve been thinking. How would you know you are being bullied? Is there a thin line between sarcasm, jokes and bullying itself?

Jokes are OK. As long as they don’t offend people. Seriously. When they say jokes are half meant, that is TRUE to the core. When JOKES offend people, it comes sarcasm and an act of BULLYING.

Sometimes people are blinded by the fact that they are already bullying people.

I, for one, is a victim of bullying.

Let me just start when I was in elementary. I studied in a private school, surrounded by rich classmates (parents are doctors, seamen, etc). My parents, aren’t that rich. I’d say AVERAGE. My dad is an engineer and he is earning more than enough to send me and my brother to a private school. We have a car but not as flashy as the ones my classmates have.

Plus! I looked like a NERD. I was a book nerd with glasses plus my mom’s pretty thrifty so I don’t get to wear shirts with MANGO and GUESS printed in it. They have really nice mobile phones. I had to work hard to get a mobile phone when I was in Grade 5. It was a prize for being in the honor roll.

I had to endure my elementary years like that. I had friends as well. People who love books like me but that’s probably where my aloofness started. I can see their effort to invite me to expensive activities but I just can’t keep up.

Probably they don’t like me because I am fit for their level. That was the mindset imprinted in my head.

Hindi lang talaga nila ako bet and I never gave the effort for them to like me. 

High school came in quick. My classmates also did the same on my first year up to my fourth year. I was even nominated and WON for class president on my 3rd year. I knew it was a joke but classroom elections are based on democracy and most of them voted me for fun, I think? Haha.

So on my 3rd year, I dedicated my time for my classmates. From co-handling our JUNIORS presentation and our extended JUNIORS presentation during the school week, I coordinated them all. My third year ended well. It started wrong but I wasn’t meant to be class president at all but I think I did well. So I deserve a pat on the back. It was maybe a good experience for me to do it.

On my fourth year, I was voted to be CLASS MUSE!!! CLASS MUSE of all people when I myself don’t even believe I was pretty! I remember the election during that time. Everything was laughing. They intended to vote for me as class muse since all class muses get to walk during the Parade of Nations as part of the UN celebration. Good thing, that didn’t even happen! Our annual Special Science class trip was scheduled in the same week so our class did not attend the UN festivities.

I was glad that is lessened when I was in college. There was minimal bullying.

Now that I’m working, I get bullied from time to time. But why do people bully others? Is it because of the temporary fun is gives them?

I’ve read an article on WHY people bully and probably it makes sense that there are really people who find pleasure in bullying.

I’m a victim of bullying. So here I am telling you that it’s not fun. You never know what emotional impact it brings to the people you bully.

Jokes are so OK. It makes people smile, it makes people laugh. But you should know when and where to strike a joke. Timing is everything in jokes but when timing if off and most especially if it embarrasses or degrades people, stop it. That is already bullying.

You are no different than me. You are not a GOD who can just pick on someone and make fun of them. You are JUST LIKE ME. So what’s makes you think you are superior than me?

And take note – when people say STOP THAT – it means stop. STOP BULLYING.

Whatever people look like, whatever shape they are, what they experienced on what they do – leave them be.

Imagine this – Would you want to see your kid suffer to depression or anxiety attacks because of bullying?

So I’m making a stand.





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So, Why Are You Single?

Yes, please. Answer me why.

Why are you single?

I’m sure there’s a reason why.

Were you broken hearted before and cannot move on?

Are you not the “ligawin” type and was never courted by anyone?

Or maybe you’ve used the all-time classic REASON

It’s my CHOICE

The third one is my answer. Common yes, but that’s the truth.

Even before, I wasn’t the “ligawin” type. I’m not the prettiest girl in the world with beautiful eyes or fair skin.

Physically, I’m morena. I’m not sexy either. I’ve been in a battle to lose weight because I love to eat and you know that food is LIFE. Haha.

But I’ve had my share of quite a few “dates” though none of them materialized into the next level.

Plus, I was always forward looking with my studies. I try to be in the honor list every year and get really good grades from time to time.

So in my head, it was always STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, spend time with the family and with friends as well.

So it never occurred to me that I needed someone.

That continued even when I was working.

So it’s really my choice. I was so focused on my goals that I did not want any distractions. I’ve had people around me who are happily married and some with kids.

But I never felt a tinge of jealousy because I came to a point that some things are not meant to be.

Maybe now wasn’t the right time.

People even make fun of my non existent love life and my friends kept telling me I should “fix” myself. Let me translate that to “put makeup”.

But I still don’t want to invest in makeup. I’ve got the basics covered – foundation, 1 good lippie and concealer and then I’m good to go. I can’t even do KILAY when everyone thinks KILAY is LIFE. But now, I’m starting to learn. Late bloomer ako! Hahaha!

But I’m happy. I’m happy being me. Being single. Being independent.

People will probably say, “Wala naman kasing nanliligaw sayo”.

Uunahan ko na kayo.

“Meron. Wala lang kayong alam”.

I maybe the type to share tidbits of my day in social media but I don’t share the personal stuff like the people I meet. I try to keep that to myself.

So what if you’re single? Whatever the reason is, may it be from a broken heart, I am sure you can move on. I can’t say more about this because I haven’t been there but hopefully, I won’t come to that but here are my best tips for you: watch Netflix all day, go out and eat cake, mingle with friends and watch Korean dramas. Trust me, you will move on eventually. Just follow Popoy and Basha’s eternal 3 month rule before you finally go out and date again.

Or so what if you’re not the “ligawin” type? You have friends and family to make up for that right? Don’t mope around and travel instead. You’ll never know what experiences traveling can offer to you.

And if it’s your choice, being single gives you the chance to explore what you wanna do in life. May it be cooking, traveling or weightlifting, now is the chance to do that. Being single means it’s your time to gain confidence and find you who you really are.

It’s a journey to self-discovery, self-worth and into loving yourself. You make your life rules as you go and no one can dictate how you do things. You are that strong independent woman.

Let’s end this my contradicting the title of my entry.

What’s not to love about single?




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DIY Jomalig Island Weekend Getaway

We all love the holidays. In any day, I take my most fruitful rest during a holiday.

Finally, another one came in.

This time we went to Jomalig Island.

Jomalig, or what the locals call HUMALIG is an island in the south of Quezon near the Polilio Islands. You can actually pass by the famous Balesin Island when you ride the ferry to Jomalig.

The place became famous for it’s gold-colored sand and blue waters. The popularity further rose because of the sandbar which disappears when it is high tide.

My friends and I took the journey to Jomalig on a weekend. We met up on a Saturday, April 29 in a mall in Ortigas and had dinner before we rode the van going to Jomalig.

How do you get there in Jomalig?

  • You can either ride a bus (Raymond bus) or a van to Real. We paid 250 pesos for the van ride. We opted to ride a van since it was a long weekend the bus lines are in demand. The terminal for the VAN is just beside the Raymond Bus terminal
  • The van will drop you off at REAL Port. From there, ride their ferry to Jomalig. Travel time is at 6 hours and fare is at 400 pesos. Bring food since the trip is long though some ferries provide food as well. #rasyonniMAYOR haha




When you arrive in Jomalig, you’ll see the golden sand. It is so beautiful 🙂


Our contact, Ate Lyra, was waiting for us in the port but since it was their peak season due to the long weekend, the lines for the habal-habal going to the home stay in long so we decided to walk with the permission of our contact. She gave us directions while sha stayed in the port to fetch her other guests.

Habal-habal ride is at 150 pesos per head

Sad to say, we got lost and ended up in the police station who noticed that we seem lost. They offered to help us and called for a habal-habal ride. We paid 70 pesos for the habal-habal ride.

We stayed in this place – they offer really good service! We paid 500 pesos for the room that fits 4 people.


Room selfie 🙂

We took a quick rest and then had lunch! Since seafoods is abundant, we decided to do the PALUTO and got these awesome lunch for 90 pesos! Sarap! That’s adobong pusit and rice. We weren’t able to consume them so we had them stored for dinner.


After having this delicious lunch, off we go for swimming! The water are so blue and the sand – it was so gold. We fell in love with the place 🙂

PS: They have electricity from 1pm to 5am so charge those powerbanks!




What a day! We ended it with dinner over a few drinks 🙂


The next day, we were supposed to swim and hit the beach before we leave but internal problems in ferry schedules and hearing news that a lot of people were stranded, we decided to take a bath and pack our bags instead.

Waiting for the ferry under the heat of the sun!

We waited for our ferry and was back in Real by 3pm.


Took the bus in Infanta back to Manila.

It was such a short trip! But I was still happy to be able to see the beauty of Jomalig.



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Calaguas Island and Baler Weekend Getaway

Holy Week. It is a religious happening in the world.

What makes the Holy Week so special aside from the fact that it is a time for reflection is that it is also a time for a vacation. That is a heavenly 4 day treat and most people really make the most of it.

Last year, I spent my Holy Week in the streets of Malaysia and Singapore. I blogged about it HERE.

Now, I spent some time in the Philippines. I’ve always loved beaches and how blessed we are to have a lot of it. This trip is all about the gorgeous Philippines and how to experience it.

My friends and I decided to go out of town for Holy Week and we want to do Calaguas.

It is so damn beautiful, you can see your feet and everything else underneath it.

The clear waters. So damn gorgeous.

We got a travel agency to book everything for us since we are anticipating heavy traffic and full buses because of the pick season. We paid 3,499 for a 3 day, 2 night trip all in.

I was with my high school friends who happen to work in Manila as well.

The van ride took us 10 hours because of holiday traffic. Plus, when we arrived there we took a 2 hour boat ride to the island. Fare is at 500 pesos per head, one way. Better to be in a big group to save on expenses.

The moment we stepped out, we were amazed at its beauty. It’s so damn amazing.


It was late afternoon and we have’t eaten lunch yet but seafoods is abundant in the area.

TIP: You can ask the sellers in the area where you can buy cheap sea food. You can have it cooked in the place where you are staying for a minimal fee.

After lunch, we went trekking. Entrance is at 20 pesos per head. Up above, you’ll see the beauty of the island.




After admiring what’s on top of the mountain, took a quick dip in the cold water and yes, had a few drinks under the stars. Lying in the sand is everything 🙂

The next day, we woke up to the sound of the waves since we camped out in front of the beach. We aimed for the beach right at that moment.

Yeah, I took a photo of them so I got no photo of me swimming haha

After swimming, we had breakfast and received so much bad news. We had to leave the island. Why? There was an incoming storm. We were given the option if we want to stay, we’ll be given full meals (as in everything) but face the possibility of being stranded. We can’t afford to be stranded till Monday since most of us are regular employees with the need to go to work on a Monday.

We had to choice but to leave. Took the 2 hour boat ride again and then from there we decided to go to Baler instead.

Imagine a trip from the South (Bicol) to the North (Aurora). We are THAT AMAZING.

Played cards while waiting for the boat
One last photo


From Vinzons, the van brought us back to Manila. We slept inside the van. We stopped by Cubao quickly to fetch our other tour mates and went straight for Baler.

BALER. It was my first time in BALER and I never thought it had so many wonders.

Baler is the country’s top surfing destination. 6 hours away from Manila, most people have a weekend getaway just to surf or go visit the beach.

TRIVIA: Baler is in Aurora. Aurora is the first name of the wife of former President Manuel L. Quezon.

Our first stop was a photo op in the iconic BALER signage. Seriously, the line is so long and I wondered why people are lining up so long for it. But so did we. Haha.



We then visited Baler’s iconic places. Starting off with the Museo de Baler.


Intricate details
Old school

After visiting the museum, off we go to the Ermita Hill and Rock Formations. The Ermita Hill is the tallest point in Baler. In the instance that the place gets hit by a tsunami, you can go to Ermita Hill and you’ll be safe.

Unlimited Rock Formations


Ermita Hill
Goodness! Amazing view

After that, we went to the Ditumabo Mother Falls. We were to excited since it looked beautiful in photos. We hiked for about 20 minutes going to the Mother Falls. It was tiring since I’m not into hiking but you’ll pass through overflows from the Mother Falls and the water is so cold.

When we arrived there, the photos did not do it any justice. It was so beautiful beyond words.






Wrapped in my swim suit

Ended our day in Sabang Beach for a quick surfing lesson.


It was a South to North trip non stop! Slept in the van and probably spent most of our day in the van but it was so fun! We are #teamnosleep and #teamVAN

The Philippines is so gorgeous. Happy to be in this country 🙂

Enjoy the Philippines!

How about you? What’s your amazing Philippines story?


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Don’t Know What to Watch Next? My Korean Drama List: Part 1

Hi everyone!

Don’t know what to Korean drama to watch next? Are you confused of what to watch because there are so many options and Google isn’t helping at all?

Well. Well. Well. This one’s for ya 🙂

I am an addict. Not of drugs, weed or cocaine but of Korean dramas.

I have been practically hooked with Korean dramas since 2005.

It all started with this drama starring a hot and handsome actor and a story line that made me laugh so hard.

The first drama that got me hooked was My Girl. Starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae, this drama is a blockbuster in Korea and in Asia. The popularity is so immense even in the Philippines. My Girl is about a Joo Yoo Rin (played Lee Da Hae) being followed and stalked by gangsters because her Dad owes money from these people. She’s an expert at lying at times if needed to act out just to get herself out of the situation. One day, she met hotel heir Seol Gong Chan who needed to find his cousin since that is the dying wish of his grandfather. He can’t locate the real cousin so he hires a fake one since Joo Yoo Rin looks like his rel cousin.

Adventure ensues as they both try to cover up the situation and make sure they don’t get caught. To add to the crazy adventure is Gong Chan’s ex girlfriend, tennis player Kim Se Hyun and his cousin Seol Jung Woo who ends up falling for Yoon Rin.



This drama was crazy! To the point of no return. I was so hooked and in Filipino term “KINAIN NA NG SISTEMA”. After that, I watched more Korean dramas than I ever imagined. I have a list and I’d like to share that to you.

Disclaimer: These are dramas that aired from 2015 onward. My other list will be added in a separate blog. 

  1. Healer – starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young

    • This drama is the first Ji Chang Wook drama I watched. He was so hot and his cuddles in this drama is so like heaven on Earth. Chemistry and story wise, it was good. After this drama, Ji Chang Wook became a household name in Korea.
  2. Unkind Women – starring Lee Ha Na and Kim Ji Suk

  3. Orange Marmalade – starring CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun

  4. School 2015 – starring Kim Soo Hyun

  5. Pinocchio – starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

    • Watch this drama guys! This is the first drama of PSH where she got a good kissing scene. This is well written and chemistry between the leads is amazing. Lee Jong Suk really does well in choosing his dramas. This drama was also Yoon Kyung Sang’s breakout drama.
  6. Girl Who Sees Smells – starring Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung

    • Honestly, I am not a fan of Shin Se Kyung but this drama is good. Story wise, just OK. But the thriller twists is amazing. Namgoong Min is someone to watch out for. He is a good villain in here.
  7. Producer – starring Gong Hyo Jin, Kim So Hyun and IU

    • Set in the broadcasting world with such a stellar cast, for me, this drama was also a SO-SO. I really just appreciated the chemistry between Kim So Hyun and IU. This was way back Dream High days.
  8. Birth of a Beauty – starring Han Ye Seul and Joo Sang Wook

    • Not a fan of Han Ye Seul and I haven’t watched any of her previous works but she is pretty. I was actually curious of the plot and her transformation from being the ugly and fat woman to the one adored by many. I did kinda relate y’know.
  9. Super Daddy Yeol – starring Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri

    • I am a huge fan of Lee Dong Gun from Lovers in Paris. I actually rooted for him in the drama. This time, he plays a cute daddy so I gave this a shot.
  10. In Time With You – starring Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook

    • This drama is the Korean remake of In Time with You which stars Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin. Being best friends for years and being there for each other all these time, why aren’t they together? Ha Ji Won has chemistry with both Lee Jin Wook and Yoon Kyun Sang (who stars in Pinocchio). Good drama for those into best friends turned lovers story.
  11. Ex Girlfriend Club – starring Song Ji Hyo

    • This drama is a disaster. I dunno why I watched it. Funny yes but that’s just about it.
  12. My Unfortunate Boyfriend – starring Yang Jin Sung and No Min Woo

  13. Oh My Ghost – starring Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk

    • Gosh. Park Bo Young is cute. This drama is so funny and her chemistry with Jo Jung Suk is sizzling HOT 🙂 MUST WATCH! I recommend this if you are starting since I am 101% sure after watching this, you’ll love more Korean drama.
  14. Yong Pal – starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee

    • I wonder why Joo Won is hooked to doctor roles and he ends up doing it so well. I liked this drama. His chemistry with Kim Tae Hee (who I always believed is just a beautiful face) is there. The story, acting and casting – perfect. I liked the thrill of this drama.
  15. She Was Pretty – Starring Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon

    • Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon came off from being siblings in Love Me, Heal Me to being lovers in She Was Pretty. I can relate to this drama since Hwang Jung Eum has a frecked red face and curly hair – typical unattractive woman and Park Seo Joon is so hot. Not to mention Choi Si Won who happens to be the 2nd lead is so awesome as the 2nd male lead. Like seriously, we all know he’ll never get the girl after all he did for her but HE GOT MY HEART!!! Ooooooh SI WON ❤
  16. Mask – starring Soo Ae and Joo Ji-hoon

    • This drama killed it. No more words. Just perfect chemistry and all. Soo Ae is amazing.
  17. Oh My Venus – starring So Ji Sub and Shin Mi Ah

    • Oh myyyy! What happens when a fat girl becomes sexy and falls in love with her trainor? Nice story and it was fun to watch. So Ji Sub is a good actor and whatever role you give him, he just does it well. And from being a gumiho, Shin Min Ah is 10,000 levels of cuteness.
  18. Remember – starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

    • I don’t think there was a happy scene in this drama except when the 2 leads kissed. This drama was all about tears from beginning to the end but story is good and so is everything else. Namgoong Min is again an amazing villain. Seriously. Damn good actor.
  19. Cheese In the Trap – starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun

    • Park Hae Jin can pass off as a high school student and they do have chemistry. Kim Go Eun really acted well in this drama but they did not give justice to Park Hae Jin’s character AND the ending was just so lousy.
  20. One More Happy ending – starring Jang Na Ra and Jung Kyung Ho

  21. Descendants of the Sun – starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

    • NEED I SAY MORE? PHENOMENAL. 12494703_975822255807085_2505160906509184143_n
  22. Entertainer – starring Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk

  23. Beautiful Gong Shim – starring Minah, Namgoong Min and On Joo Wan

    • Namgoong Min is a villain in Remember and Girl Who Sees Smells but he makes our heart flutter in this drama.
  24. Doctors – starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

    • Park Shin Hye can kick, do passionate kisses with Kim Rae Won and heal people. Doctors is her best drama to date. And Kim Rae Won – why are you so tall and cute? And why is Yoon Kyung Sang adorable as hell? I’m planning to watch this drama again 🙂
  25. Let’s Fight Ghost – starring Kim Soo Hyun and Ok Taecyeon

  26. W (Two Worlds) – starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo

    • #4. Comics. Story telling. Acting. Their chemistry and 10,000 kisses. This drama rocked 2016 🙂
  27.  Uncontrollably Fond – starring Suzy and Kim Woo Bin

  28. Another Oh Hae Young – starring Eric Mun

  29. Goodbye Mr. Black – starring Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won

  30. The K2 – starring Yoona and Ji Chang Wook

    • Ji Chang Wook as an agent, soldier and bodyguard is more than enough to watch this drama. Yoona’s ramen scene here with Ji Chang Wook watching her on CCTV is one of the drama’s highlights AAAAANNND their kissing scene. Like 4 times. Argh. How did Yoona get so lucky?
  31. On The Way to the Airport – starring Lee Sang Yoon and Kim Ha Neul

  32. Jealousy Incarnate – starring Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk

  33. Something About 1% – starring Jeon So Min and Ha Seok Jin

    • 2016 remake is the phenomenal drama of Kang Dong Won. These two leads have sizzling chemistry.
  34. Cinderella and the 4 Knights – starring Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam and Ahn Jae Hyun

    • Park So Dam is so kick -ass in this drama even though she had 4 hot guys to help her. Why are some girl just so lucky?! There were a lot of kilig scenes and “higop” kissing in here.
  35. Man Living in Our House – starring Soo Ae and Kim Young Kwang

  36. Introverted Boss – starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hae Soo

  37. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim – starring Yoo Yeon Seok and Seo Hyun Jin

  38. Legend of the Blue Sea – starring Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho

    • Mermaid. Past lives and past loves. Spain. Why do people love Spain? The K2 and Legend of the Blue Sea both filmed some scenes there. Jeon Ji Hyun is amazing as an actress and Lee Min Ho’s stares will kill you with “kilig”. This is 2016 highly anticipated drama because it is the comeback drama if Jeon Ji Hyun (last one was My Love From the Star 2014) and Lee Min Ho (last one was The Heirs 2013).
  39. My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week – starring Song Ji Hyo

  40. Secret Romance – starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun

    • Sung Hoon’s chocolate abs and SUNG HOON himself. Nuff said.
  41. Goblin – starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

    • When you think Descendants of the Sun is the drama of year, Goblin will definitely give you a run for your money. Goblin is PERFECT. Just like Descendants of the Sun. Even the cinematography is good. Goblin and DOTS are both written by the same writer but with different directors but both are equally good. Lee Dong Wook babe is so good in here. He was my first KDrama crush and I was so happy he got to star in a good drama. Gong Yoo is GONG YOO. Talented, hot and amazing. Such a stellar cast and it is reaping rewards because of their hard work.
      • Lee Dong Wook did Hotel King and Blade Man is 2014, Bubblegum in 2015 which I dropped because I can’t stand it. Drama is so dull and I have NEVER dropped any drama ever. I can’t believe the first time I did it is a Lee Dong Wook drama. He had dramas every year. It just didn’t suffice.
  42.  Seven First Kisses – web drama starring Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho, Park Hae Jin, Taecyeon, Lee Joon Gi, EXO’s Kai and Lee Jong Suk

    • Some girls have 2 guys after her. Some get 4 guys like Park So Dam in Cinderella and the 4 Knights and Ku Hye Sun in Boys over Flowers. But why does she get to “almost kiss” 7 guys?! WHYYY?!
  43. Chief Kim – starring Namgoong Min and Nam Sang Mi

  44. Missing 9 – starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

  45. Voice – starring Lee Ha Na and Jang Hyuk

    • Thriller dramas is a trend nowadays but this drama about Korea’s emergency call center is damn good. It depicts realistic scene of crimes committed and how to handle it. Plus, how Kim Jae Wook’s character became a revelation is also something to watch out for. Kim Jae Wook should star in a rom-com soon. He is damn good looking and such a great actor!
  46. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – starring Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young

    • You’ll get hooked with Min Min and  Bong Bong’s cuteness. Not to mention cute and petite Park Bo Young stars as a women with extraordinary strength. Plus, the leads chemistry is so damn good people just want them to date. Add Ji Soo to the cast and you’re ON.
  47. Man to Man – starring Park Hae Jin and Kim Min Jung

    • This drama is my current obsession. Park Hae Jin is so sexy as a secret agent. I love the twists and the romance although at times it seem kinda off.
  48. Chicago Typewriter – starring Yoo Ah In

    • Yoo Ah In alone is enough reason to watch this drama. This drama is so underrated. The story was flawless as well as the cinematography. Korea, love this drama! Yoo Ah-In is amazing in this one 🙂
  49. Tunnel -starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoon Hyun Min

    • This drama is like VOICE reincarnation. I am always excited for the next episode. This drama is thrilling and kept me alert all the time. This drama rocked 2017. A good cast plus really good ratings plus the fact that the ending was really good.
    • UPDATE: There was a potential love angle but they did not dwell in it. But you will see from the ending that there really is the potential. I think all 3 main cast members were so amazing. I just read via soompi that the rating reached 6.5. This is now OCN’s best drama so far with the highest ratings!
  50. Whisper – starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon

    • Reunion dram for Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon who starred in a drama before. Twists are also happening and this is like deceit all the way. Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon and their overloaded chemistry is to watch out for!
  51. Secret Romance – starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-Eun

    • Do you know what happens when you have a one night stand and then end up falling in love? Yes guys! This is what this story is all about. Just watch it please. Sung Hoon’s chocolate abs and immaculate kisses will kill you. Plus, chemistry is overflowing! Have you seen the video during their press meet where Sung Hoon just happened to be the perfect gentleman to Ji-Eun? It will kill you. So watch it!


  1. Suspicious Partner – starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun

    • This is Ji Chang Wook’s first rom-com and he did so well. People say he has that chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun but WHY CAN’T I SEE IT?! Hahaha!
  2.  Fight My Way – starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won

    • This is the story of my life and your life. I am sure of it. It’s about 4 individuals who really dreamed big but the those dreams took a back seta since they had to deal with life and pressures society.
  3. Lookout – starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

    • If action and revenge is your cup of tea, this drama got heaps of it! So watch out for Lee Si Young’s action scenes 🙂
  4. The Best Hit – starring Cha Tae Hyun and Yoon Si Yoon

    • This drama is so funny! The star studded cast features struggles of adulthood and reaching for your dreams.

Oh my gosh! That’s 55 dramas in a span of 3 years so I am guessing I watch an average of 15 Korean drama in a year. I am so addicted but this is my healthy addiction. It keeps away the stress and brings in good vibes.

I’ll blog about my other list soon so watch out for it.





Enjoy watching KDramas and let’s all be happy we have all those OPPAS.

How about you? What’s on your Korean drama list?

Share away you guys!

P.S: Hope I get to visit Korea soon 🙂 🙂

FYI: As I still have some dramas ongoing, this page will be updated so watch out for the updates.

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Opening Doors to New Adventures: How Traveling Changed My Life

It was 2006. My mom and I were talking in bed. I told her I don’t want a grand debut which I will be celebrating in the next 4 years. I told her I wanted to visit Hong Kong Disneyland instead for my 18th birthday. She agreed immediately knowing that I got my love for traveling from there.

She died in 2007. And that dream just became a dream. I held on to that promise. Though I still celebrated by 18th birthday with a simple dinner last 2010, I promised myself I’ll travel and lot and fulfill her dream for me.

Then it began.

It was 2014 when I first started traveling. It was in Hong Kong and Macau and I traveled with friends. Imagine – I did really fulfill my destiny by having Hong Kong as my first destination. Unfortunately, I did not end up in Disneyland. My friends wanted to do Ocean Park Hong Kong so I just ended up outside HK Disneyland. I promise myself I’ll go back in Hong Kong and visit HK Disneyland.

And then every year after that I travel abroad. Last 2015, I was in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and in 2016 I embarked on my first ever solo trip abroad in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Indonesia and I celebrated by post birthday trip in the streets of Bangkok and the ruins of Siem Reap.

This year, I’ll go and visit East Asia. Where in East Asia? It’s a big secret.

So why do I keep on traveling? Why do I stay up late at night just looking for promo fares? Why do I google and research on where to go next? Why do I keep making all these trips?

My answer – FULFILLMENT.

I am fulfilled whenever I ride an airplane and end up in another city. I am fulfilled whenever I pack my stuff to stay in a new city. I am fulfilled whenever I meet new people and ask them where they came from.

I am fulfilled whenever I score cheap tickets to anywhere that is within my budget. I am fulfilled when I see places I’ve only seen in TV and the internet. I am fulfilled whenever I walk in a street that is so uncertain and I may get lost.

Traveling became my therapy. My avenue for de-stressing myself. I work in a stressful 9 to 6 job and I encounter people I may not like along the way. Traveling became my patience in dealing with these people knowing that whenever I travel, I forget of all my work stress.

It also became my avenue to experience new cultures and try different cuisines.

It became an embodiment of a promise that I kept ever since my mom died. That I’ll keep traveling. Just like what she taught me. That I was never born to just sit in one place and that I was born for the explorer that I am. I am proud that I fulfilled that promise. It may not be HK Disneyland – but it became Asia and soon, the world.

Traveling changed my life by letting me understand that the world is. That I have to get out of my comfort zone in order for me to see the world. That traveling is also a teacher and is the best learning experience one will ever have. It may be expensive but the new things that you’ll get after traveling – priceless.

Traveling also helped me find myself and opening my soul. It also became my wholesome addiction. I save up to travel. I learned the DO’s and DON’T’s of budgeting so that I can provide for myself, for my family, for my little pleasures and for traveling. Never did I notice that my bank account just went up because I know which ones to prioritize when it comes to expenses and that I am proud of being that “budget traveler” and yes, a lakwatsera.

So now I try to travel international at least once or twice a year. I go out of the country a lot. But at the same time, I explore the beauty of this country. We have beautiful beaches and sights to behold.

Here what I discovered in my travels…

That we have gorgeous sand dunes in Ilocos
Central Market madness is cool
Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat is unbelievable
Petronas Towers is so pretty I can stare at it the whole day
Saigon is CHEAP!!! Yes guys.. CHEAP 🙂
Batam and their seafoods is yummy 🙂
Gardens by the Bay in Singapore looks better in day and night.
Wat Pho is instaworthy
Awkward poses in the St. Paul Ruins is a MUST
Friends who travel together to broke together – in Ocean Park Hong Kong
Love in MACAU?
That selfie with Singapore’s finest MERLION

And with all those photos, shall we do a quick headcount? 8 cities in Asia and 24 out of the 81 provinces in the Philippines. My target? To slowly enjoy all the world’s wonders. Slowly but surely, I open doors to new adventures.






Check out Traveloka’s contest landing page:





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To My Ideal Guy

This post is written for that person who I know is worth the wait.

I’m 24 right now. I am single. I have been single since birth actually. Not that I am complaining. I have never been kissed, touched or hugged (with malice btw!).

Surrounded by friends who also happen to be single, I never felt like I need to have one. Whenever I talk to people, they just seem surprised why I never had one. There’s a reason for that.

First off, when I was in school, I was a geek. Literally. Consistent honor student, wearing glasses, reads a lot of books and writes for the school paper. My circle of friends were also geeks. I had crushes but they just ended up as my friends.

Second, my goals did not include getting one. I was so absorbed with my goals – graduating college, getting a job in a company I am proud of and traveling the world. I was having the time of my life and being single without any boyfriend to worry is just the way to be.

Third, I feel like the guys I like don’t like me while the guys I DO NOT like, like me. Weird huh?

Whenever I see couples walking around me, I feel uneasy. I’m used to third wheeling all the time but it is a different story when you are surrounded by friends.

And when I have friends who end up being in a relationship, it feels like a Hollywood dream come true. But I wonder what if it happens to me?

They say that for that to happen to me, I need to make an effort. So I did. I downloaded Tinder and OK Cupid. I tried to invest in clothes (believe me, I really did! Haha!) and now I use minimal make up though I still have to work on my kilay. So that’s already A++++++ for effort my friends! Hahaha 🙂

But I still don’t go out on dates. Or meet blind dates. Or recommendations from friends. I’m thinking what might the reason be and then I realized it is probably because of the fact I’m scared that I end up not satisfied or they end up not liking me. It is kinda off feeling like this when I haven’t met the person yet. In other words, I have yet to try a date. A formal one.

I’m hoping Mr. Ideal Guy will give me that date of a lifetime.

So who is that IDEAL guy? Well Logan Lerman isn’t so bad. He happens to be my Hollywood crush and I am so in love with his blue eyes.

Logan Lerman

Or maybe Ji Chang Wook from Korean drama The K2 someone who can rescue me from being the damsel that I am.

Ji Chang Wook

Or maybe it can be YOU.

You who will hold my hand when I’m tired from a whole day’s work. You who will make me laugh with all your pabebe and corny jokes. You who will offer to carry me bag and I won’t let you because you got yourself an independent woman. You who will bring me to all those foodie places I share to you via Messenger. You who will randomly text me – ANG GANDA MO TODAY – and I will believe it because you said it. You will keep me awake all night and it’s okay even though I’ll have eyebags the next day. You who will travel with me to explore the world. You who will bring out the best and worst in me. You who will love me so tenderly and be loyal to me even though I am not the prettiest girl in the world.

YOU. That person who is worth the wait. Where can YOU be?

I hope that when you come, you’ll be the person I hope you are. Someone who can handle the independent woman in me. Someone who can keep up with my weird mindset. Someone who can be with me when I’m hungry and randomly surprise me with pizza and chicken because I am craving for it.

I hope to meet you. Not now. Maybe when I’m ready. Because I know you’ll be worth MY WAIT.


Kia 🙂

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High School Friends: From Reel to Real

Warning: This is an emotional post.


As defined is “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.”

That is probably why we have the words – Best friend and Boyfriend. Oooh.

For me – I’ll define as friend as:

  1. Someone who stays true to you and will stand up for you no matter what
  2. Who is always there for you – even in spirit

I’ve had my fair share of friends. I’ve always believed that people come and go in our lives. My mom once taught me that friendship is never about the quantity but the quality of people in your life.

And I believe that.

When I was in elementary, I was the nerd. The geek. The average girl. My circle of friends involved the same people. And my Sports day activity includes CHESS! Hahaha! Talk about too much geekiness.

Fast forward to High School. This was the time when I struggled with how I make friends. I got my usual squad. My work activity group mates. My lunch mates.

During one of our group activities in 2nd year, me and friends called ourselves the LASSCHARMS. I don’t wanna post photos because really – we look so young and geeky. (Uy guys ang pabebe ng project na ito! Super!)

Issues came in. Back stabbing. High School drama. Cliques. Grades. Crushes. School plays. School projects. Late nights. Confrontations.

We had a fair share of that. We were young and reckless and basically we enjoyed those days when classes were suspended because of school events.

I even remember asking our classmate’s mom to process our PRISAA game excuses.

And most of all – we joined High school department’s cheering competition just so we can miss class. Hahahaha!

But still after 12 years, here we are. Soooo strong together…. Haha.

We still meet up. Even when we were in college. Different schools, different places but during life’s most important moments and reunions – we still make it possible for us to catch up and talk.

Even during meet ups, we talk about work, life, love life (if we have one) and then we still end up going back to the same high school experiences. The same high school memories.

We never changed. We are all working right now in different professions, different fields of expertise, different places but we still end up the same whenever we meet each other. We have this certain high school magic that never ceases.

During Brooke’s 18th birthday in the beach
CPU HS U-Day feels ❤


Hotel sleepovers are my favorite
All glammed up #prettified
We even help each other for pre-debut shoots
Birthday asalto and mandatory group photo
We even travel together 🙂 Taken in Boracay last summer 2010
Even graduating together in UP
Going international as well with our trip to Hong Kong last 2014
Reunion last December 2016
Reunion last December 2015
Reunion last December 2014
Coz we missed each other so much
Mowdeling haha
My first year high school gang
Watching an all-star basketball game together with celebrities
Beach bums in Zambales
Happy Birthday John!
Super suki in fiestas of the highschool gang

We have been there for each other. In every activity, birthday, fiesta, reunion, weekend getaway, adventures, coffee dates, food trips.. everything as seen in the photos.

I was lucky to have these people with me

Whenever once of us is in town, we try to meet. It doesn’t matter if it is only for a few hours, we just make it happen.

People say that the people you meet in high school will give you the best friendships and it is true. Look at us.

We even lasted that 7 year itch in relationships. Mas matagal pa ng friendship namin kesa sa relasyon nyo ng jowa mo! Haha!

The gang no matter how distant we are – we will always be there for each other – guiding each other, wishing each other good luck, helping each other.

And I guess that is the true essence of a strong friendship. You fight, you get mad and that’s beautiful because we are normal people after all. A mixture of different personalities – “halo-halo” – but kind of just jived.

When you have friends who are for keeps, never let them go. Fight with them. Bully them but not below the belt. But always make up. And travel together. And make more memories together. And keepsakes. And photos. And experiences.

Just be stick together. Period.

So how about us #Newtonians09? When are we going international again? 

I miss you guys!

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Vigan-Laoag 3 Day Weekend Get Away

Hi everyone!

I am back once again to share my weekend getaway last October 30-November 1.

Usually I do DIY trips. Because of my love for doing things in my own pace. But this time, since we just wanted to relax and not think about anything, we booked an agency for the trip. Our trip was shared with 8 other people and it was a diverse group of nurses and a doctor, a married couple, two friends and of course – me and my friends Rhaiza, Pollene and Rona.

Our tour was priced at 2599 with a downpayment of 500 pesos and the rest is payable on the last day of the trip.

It comes with Day 2 and Day 3 breakfast. All you have to do is sit down and enjoy the vacation.

I always knew that the Philippines is gorgeous but not as gorgeous as this!

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1: Vigan
•Crisologo Museam
•Heritage Village
•Bantay Bell Tower
•Batac – Marcos Museum
•Paoay Church, Sand Dunes, Malacañang Of The North

Day 2: Pagudpud
•Cape Light House
•Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
•Bangui Windmills
•Via Duct Picture Taking
•Bantay Abot Cave
•Blue Lagoon and swimming in Hannah’s beach resort

Day 3 – Ilocos Norte and back to Vigan
•Sinking Bell Tower
•Marcos Museum
•Back to Vigan to buy Pasalubong
•Back to Manila

We had such a fun experience that we wanna do it with an agency if ever the agency would save us time and effort.

The Philippines is so gorgeous. Really. I have yet to explore it fully. I am doing the 81 Province List and I have been to 23 provinces. Not event half but this year I will be conquering more! Yaay!

The gang! #lakwatsera


with Batush Tupas 🙂
Vigan is damn gorgeous and yes, I LOVE VIGAN
Sand Dunes adventure
Hot girls take over the sand!!!
The whole crew in a sandy adventure
Inside the bedroom of the Marcos couple


Paoay Church


Ang gandang mga nagbebenta oh! Haha!
One more!!
4 different individuals with 4 different personalities. I wonder how we ended up as friends haha
Pak mowdeling!
Bantay Bell Tower


Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Group photo!
As high as the windmills
Scaredy cat
Aaaaah!!!! Love the waves


Via Duct Phot Op
Knock on wood
Hi Spongebob!
Back to Laoag!
Inside the house of Marcos and it is so BIG! Woaaah!
Because doors make a good IG background
Dragonfruit ice cream is kinda famous in Laoag
Titas of Vigan, whatcha looking at?
Single na happy.. I think?
Sunsets and selfies
Happy kid
Always a pleasure traveling with these crazy girls
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Bangkok and Siem Reap Travel Guide (7 Day Itinerary)

Hi hi guys!

Glad to be back. Been a hectic month for me. I had tons of work to do and after working, I go home tired so I have no time to finish the blog.

But hey! It is never too late.

Now, I am sharing how I was able to manage 16,000 pesos with airfare and make the most out of Bangkok and Siem Reap.

Let’s start now shall we?

Me and my friend Pochu decided to do this trip since she had friends in Bangkok. I personally scheduled it on my birth month as I wanna do a post birthday celebration and it so happened that we had a long weekend in the Philippines.

We were supposed to leave Manila at 9:25 pm but we were stuck in traffic and literally almost missed our flight. We arrived in the airport at 9:45 so you should know that by this time the plane would have left already.

It was so traffic and it took us 3 hours to get to the airport from Buendia. I was so pissed ay everything and we were thinking about our options: either we don’t do the trip or rebook.

Our Uber driver asked us once we arrived at the airport if we should continue. We agreed to push through with the trip hoping that the strong rains will make the flight hours delayed.

When we arrived in the airport, the check-in counters were closed (kasi nga we were supposed to leave Manila at 9:25 eh 9:45 na kami nag check-in). I practically had to beg the Cebu Pacific staff if they can let us in. One staff I asked informed me that the counters are closed so I asked again a different staff if they can still check us in and she agreed as long as we have no check in baggage! See there are advantages to being a light traveler. Haha.

We hurriedly checked in thinking that the whole plane was waiting for us. I left Pochu in the counter while I pay the travel taxes running across NAIA 3. When I went back to the counter, we did not need to rush since the plane did not even arrive yet and yes, they have not yet even boarded the plane. I was so happy that I closed my eyes and gave a silent prayer of thanks to GOD.

We boarded the plane at 11pm and left Manila at around 1am of August 26. It was super late but I did not complain since if the flight was not delayed, we would not even be there. So kebs ang late na flight, tutulog ko na lang siya. 

So this trip is this year’s miracle. I am so blessed.

Sharing to you my week long happiness. We were there from August 26-September 1, 2016. My actual birthday was August 6.

Haggard pero happy coz we did not miss our flight


Bangkok bus rides!!!

Our first day in Bangkok was jam packed. We took the bus since it only charges around 6.50 baht no matter how far your destination is. Do not take a taxi. Take a bus or walk.


Blogger shot inside the Wat Pho
The Great Reclining Buddha
The Grand Palace.

We did not really enter the Grand Palace since it is so expensive. Costs 600 baht just to see it. In Bangkok, that would’ve come a long way. Our breakfast in Bangkok is only 25 baht. Imagine how many food and clothes we could’ve bought with that amount. Haha.

Lunch the Thai way


We visited more temples and at around 4pm, we went back to the hotel. Believe me- it took us almost an hour to get a bus and then we got kinda lost. We went down the right bus stop but we were lost. We ended up in the right area – Sathorn area and asked around but no one can tell us where to go exactly. We took the motorcycle ride for 60 baht to bring us there since we were so tired from all the walking.

We rested till 8 and we were picked up in the hostel by Pochu’s friend and brought us to this night market. When I asked what the place is called – it happened to be my fave – Chatuchak Night Market wuhooo!




We roamed around and bought Thai milk teas and dresses. I was able to buy a jumper for 150 baht. Nice!

The next day we waited for Pochu’s friend and met up in Siam area. img_0600img_0604img_0605img_0609

Yummy lunch at White Flower Factory. These girls paid for our delicious lunch 🙂



We tried the ferry and visit Wat Ratchanaddaram (hope I got that right).



Went back to Siam for mall hopping and Pochu bought a lot of stuff in Skin Food. We didn’t mind coz the sofa was so damn cozy 🙂


The next day – we were en route via train to Aran which is the border of Bangkok. Took the tuktuk and then to Poipet which is the border of Cambodia.

Be careful when you are at the Poipet border. Scams are everywhere. My friend was scammed for 100 baht since she threw out her arrival card when she cleaned up her bag and was asked for it in the border. When she said she did not have it, she was asked to pay 100 baht. We had no choice but to pay or else we might never get the chance to cross the border or worst, be planted with drugs on our bags so be careful.

Finally we were in Siem Reap.

Good thing everyone in Siem Reap was so nice. We were almost ripped off of 20 USD since the guide wants us to get his trip at such an expensive price when I was able to find one for 15 USD.


We went shopping on Day 1 in the Night Market and the Pub Street.


We did Angkor Wat for one whole day and that’s 4 temples included with water. Not bad for 20 USD.

Our hostel offered it at 15 USD and I saw similar offers at 15 USD. I was so mad at the guide who offered us the tour the day before that I had to bargain our trip for 20 USD with sunrise so that we can bring us to the hostel.

Anyways, we will still be charged 1 USD per head of we took the tuktuk from the airport to the hostel (thru our hostel tuktuk offer).

The good thing about that is that our driver (the new one) arrived at 5:30 am. Our hostel woke us up at 6:30 but Pochu was still asleep so we asked the driver to pick us up again at 9am. That was worth a tip already since he was so nice 🙂


Where they shot the Tomb Raider – Ta Phrom



The bonus trip 🙂

Pochu actually wanted to see the elephants and that is not part of our itinerary. But still, our guide was so nice and brought us there. We were able to climb up a temple but our clothes did not permit us to go inside so we roamed around the area and waited for about 15 minutes for the elephants. They arrived at 3:45 pm. This area was far off the route and is near the mountains so our guide was nice enough to give us the add on trip. He deserves the tip so much haha!

Ken’s yummy breakfast

We finished the tour at 4:30 pm and stayed in the hostel since we were so tired.

Next day we were back to Bangkok. Left Siem Reap at 9am and arrived at the border at 11am. The immigration line is so long. Tip: Be in the immigration before 11am or suffer 2 hours of waiting in line.

We arrived in the station at around 1:20am and bought food. We took the 1:40 train back to Bangkok. We arrived at the hostel and roamed around Chinatown and Khaosan Road.


Last day we went to Pratunam for shopping. They got items at wholesales prices and it is very cheap.

Returned to the hostel at 1pm and we requested for a late checkout at 4pm. We bought tickets to the airport and waited till 7pm for the airport pickup.

Aaaaanndddd of course since we were so early in the airport, we got the chance to roam around!!



That ends my #KiAdventures and #Thaiventures

Below is my detailed itinerary and costing for your reference.

Day 1: Visit the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho and Reclining Buddha, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Lumpini Park
Day 2: Malls, Floating ferry and Wat Ratchanaddaram
Day 3: Train to Siem Reap, arrived the border at 11:40 and took the tuktuk to the immigration (60 baht for 1 tuktuk), took the 1:00 pm shared taxi to Siem Reap. Rest then night market at around 8:00
Day4: Siem Reap tour whole day (20 USD for 2 pax)
Day 5: Back to Bangkok in the afternoon and then Khao San night market
Day 6: Khaosan Road, Chinatown, Pratunam market
Hostels in Bangkok:
Charlie Guesthouse – Sathorn – clean but slow wifi
Q6 at 6 – Khaosan – not recommended but very near Khaosan
Hostel in Siem Reap:
Community Home Stay – 15 USD per night (7.5 USD per night for me and my friend) – highly recommended. Check their reviews at

Till the next travel! Maybe next year it’ll be Korea or Japan 🙂

Crossing my fingers for that xx